Interview with House Music Pioneer Jesse Saunders

An Interview With House Music Pioneer Jesse Saunders

We have the pleasure and honor to receive the originator of House Music for a fascinating interview about the roots of electronic music and house music! Be sure to check his new book “In their own words”… In this interview we will cover electronic dance music genre with the history of music producing and we will ask some questions about Jesse Saunders new book “In their own words” ( October 15th 2020).

“In Their Own Words is the story of Disco, House Music and Electronic Dance Music from the people who lived it, loved it and discovered it along the way. These uniquely personal stories outline the evolution of the genres in a way that has never been told before. The narrative provides a perspective beyond the scope of journalists, celebrity DJs, and historians.Jesse Saunders gives us a new perspective of how House Music began. From the days before Disco, into the House, and out to the world of Electronic Dance Music, the narrative speaks to more than just dance music. Disco and House Music introduced a sentiment of love, peace and beats to a very troubled Chicago community in the 1980s and from that seed, it became the global phenomenon that we see today in EDM.The contents of this book will change your whole idea of what you believe House Music is, and where it came from. Be prepared to have your House Music world turned upside down!”

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