Disco Spaceship 89 (DJ Mix)

Disco Spaceship 89 (by TechNoSoul) + Track List + Youtube playlist

Track List: Disco Spaceship 89
1Deluxe – Just A Little More5:01
2Yum Yum – Got to Learn How to Dance3:48
3Barry White It’s Ecstasy, When You Lay Down Next To Me 6:59
4S.O.S. Band – Secret Wish (12 Mix 1989)6:14
5Chocolate Milk – Grand Theft5:31
6Tonight You’re Mine, Baby5:18
7Mr K – The Mix Max Style5:04
8Yum Yum (Gimme Some)3:19
9Yum Yum -Put the Funk on You3:13
10Deluxe – Am I The One5:13
11Mavis Staples – Jaguar5:32
12Sweet Power Your Embrace – James Mason5:28
13The Man5:41
14Bar Kays – Animal5:13
16 GAIL FREEMAN – Danger In The Airwaves (Extended Vocal Version)7:18
17Yum Yum – Let the Drums Speak3:46
18Yum Yum – When You Wanna Boogie4:48
19Alexander O’Neal ~ What Can I Say (To Make You Love Me)4:26
20[Hey] I Feel Real Good6:04
21(Patti) LaBelle – Lady Marmalade 3:55
22Dahweed – All Night All Right5:16
23Chilly – For Your Love11:56
24LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE GIRLS… Mason & Smith 10:46
25Sharon Redd – Beat the Street6:14
26Twistin’ the Night Away3:59
27Chuck Jackson . All over the world .4:01
28Blue Feathers – Let’s Funk Tonight4:00
29Mr. K – You Don’t Know7:50
30The Explosions-Shuffle Bump7:45
31Love Unlimited Orchestra – My Sweet Summer Suite 7:13
32Isaac Hayes – Don’t Let Go 12:53

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