Soul funk Spaceship 1971

Soul funk Spaceship 1971 (TechNoSoul) + Track list + Youtube Playlist by TechNoSoul on Mixcloud

Track List: Soul Funk 1971
1Electric Indian – My Cherie Amour3:17
2Moonlight – Venitian adagio3:42
3Music For Gong Gong – Osibisa5:30
4THE UNDISPUTED TRUTH – Superstar 3:22
5All The Way5:01
6Cornelius Brothers And Sister Rose Treat her like a Lady!3:14
7Hot Ice Company – Fat Back Jack’s Shack2:37
8No Name Bar by Isaac Hayes from Shaft6:11
9The Ebonys – Do it2:50
10Determination – The Ebonys2:18
11The Jackson 5 – Maybe Tomorrow 4:43
12Hot Ice Company- I Got the Love You Need2:32
13Undisputed Truth – Ain’t No Sun Since You’ve Been Gone2:29
14Billy Preston – I’ve Got a Feeling2:52
15Los Javaloyas Dum dum2:32
16Martin Circus . Senegal Dis Moi7:46
17The Chakachas – Jungle Fever 4:29
18It’s Great to Be Here – Jackson 53:13
19Goin’ Down The Road Feelin’ Bad3:05
20Orchestra Electrecord feat. Formația Cantabile – Primăverile4:03
21Krystal Generation – Every Man Seems To Be For Himself3:32
23The Electric Indian- Geronimo5:24
24Undisputed Truth – California Soul3:55
25Ain’t Nothing You Can Do3:01
26Billy Preston – Encouraging Words3:36
27Be Yourself by Isaac Hayes from Shaft 4:31
28GEORGE McCRAE Take it all off3:03
29Isaac Hayes – Theme From Shaft4:41
30Los Javaloyas Ra-Ta-Ta 2:08
31Undisputed Truth 1971 – YouGotTheLoveINeed 3:06
32Take It All Off _ Please Help Me Find My Baby – George McCrae5:07
33The Undisputed Truth – I Heard It Through The Grapevine2:51
34Osibisa – Oranges4:41
35Isaac Hayes – Cafe Regios6:11
36Osibisa – Think about the People 4:14
37Ball of Confusion The Undisputed Truth10:51
38The Undisputed Truth – Ball Of Confusion (That’s What The World Is Today)9:46

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